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 The GC Partners
 Building Partners: A Great Boat built by Great Companies
Premier Composite Technologies (PCT) manufacturers the GC32 hulls and components, PCT are one of the largest composite manufacturers in the world and currently produce the Farr 400 one design alongside several custom race yachts. Southern Spars developed a custom solution for the Mast, Boom, Spine and Cross Beams. The full carbon construction and 2 piece mast are all engineered with Southern Spars own software. Southern Spars are a world leader in spar design and manufacturing.
Heol composites is our premium supplier for our S foils and L Rudders. With many years experience in foil manufacturing from Extreme 40’s to MOD 70 and Volvo 70’s. Heol produces the GC32 foils from pre-preg carbon and all components are autoclave cured.
 Hardware Partners
North Sails is our premium supplier for sails. Norths Sails are recognized as one of the top Sails manufacturers in the world today. EasyRigging supplies all standing rigging for the GC32, with a combination of Aramid, PBO and Carbon cables. Easy Rigging have developed a package with the best properties. Easy Rigging have supplied Americas cup and Volvo teams as well as being the Extreme 40 class supplier.
Harken supplies the deck hardware for the GC32, featuring the new performa range of winches and the tried and tested block range. Harken delivers the best solution.
 Divers Partners