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The 8 GC Series Principles
The Great Cup series is a new circuit for owners and professional teams. It is founded on the following 8 principles.

Great Venues
GC is focused to find the right mix of venues to ensure owners and sponsors are satisfied with their investments. With exciting and high quality racing and experienced race management.
Regional Competition
In order to limit the time of transport and increase sailing time, GC plan to develop a circuit for Australasia, Europe, Middle East & North America.
Safety First
GC32 is a pure racing boat, but has been developed to ensure great safety as catamaran sailing is about racing fast, not crashing.
Clear and Exiting Competition
GC wants to contribute to a fair and clear competition. With a strict one design rule you know you have the same tools as your competitiors.
Share the Passion
GC is dedicated to carry the sporting passion to the public. With 2 HD cameras per boat and online broadcasting, the GC series will be online for all your sponsors, family, friends, etc...
Promoting Sailing Sport
The GC series is committed to promote the sensational sportive side of sailing with new racing concepts from lessons learnt in the new Americas Cup series.
Sustainable Circuit
With a clear dedication to create a sustainable series, we have combined a competitive price for the boat, and cost effective logistics, the GC set the basis for a sustainable circuit with solid fleet sizes.
Enforce Identity
GC encourages national and regional identity to increase public identification. Inter Country Competition, Yacht Club Challenges and team races are all on the program.
GC Series: Sustainable High Performance Sailing